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EP17 How to Keep Moving Even When You Need to Stay Home

April 14, 2020

Joining us today is Kenton Sefcik, Dip.Ac, Dip.TCM, R.Ac, a seasoned acupuncturist and martial artist, author, and mentor. He is also the creator of TCM Graduate TV where he provides online education to up and coming acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors.

Kenton helps us understand how to keep moving during the COVID-19 outbreak and directive to stay home. We should keep training, pursuing hobbies that interest us, practicing belly breathing (which helps eliminate stagnation), eating right and taking care of larger health problems.  He is also on a mission to help acupuncturists get more comfortable prescribing herbs and continues to serve his TCM community online.

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Show Notes:


0:40 How the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting Kenton’s business and life in general.

5:35 How Kenton continues to train solo in martial arts.

9:50 The importance of movement in our lives, especially when we are told to stay home and not move about in our communities.


“I really believe that part of our well-being exists with movement.”


11:45 Routine is good thing; waking up at a consistent time even though there may not be a job to go to, helps us improve our mood.

12:55 This is a really good time to reflect on whether there are any new projects we want to take on, to help us cope and adapt to our new circumstances.

15:05 Belly breathing allows the diaphragm to move like it was designed to do and is a very calming practice that we can do anywhere to center ourselves.

19:00 Becoming non-judgmental about the thoughts we have is important during diaphragmatic breathing.

23:10 What type of fuel we put into our body is ultimately going to determine how we are going to able to use our body.

25:30 During the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s a great time to do a 180 on any poor health habits that we have developed.

27:00  Kenton tells about the digital download he created to help students graduating from Chinese medicine schools become more confident with prescribing herbs.

33:40 Kenton believes acupuncturists should not try to treat everything at the same time.  TCM teaches us to look at the whole patient, but focussing on the patient’s chief concern should be top of mind.

41:43 Kenton recently published a 60-minute acupressure and Chinese self-massage video.


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