Staying in the Game, A Plum Dragon Herbs Podcast

EP03 Walking Through Fire to Make the Strongest Dit Da Jow: A Founder’s Story

January 28, 2019

Welcome to the new Plum Dragon Herbs Podcast Series “Staying in the Game.” In this podcast series, we have conversations about mindset and techniques for staying at the top of your game. In our third episode, we’re talking to Josh Walker, whose passion for Chinese medicine and martial arts led him to become the original founder of Plum Dragon Herbs in 2005. He currently works as a software engineer and runs the central U.S. chapter for the Tabimina Balintawak Group, a combative style of martial arts that originated in the Philippines.

Josh shares why he started Plum Dragon Herbs and how the company’s flagship products, Dit Da Jow formulas, were created to fill a gap in the existing offerings of herbal remedies for pain relief.  Helpful tips on using Dit Da Jow and picking the right formula are discussed in this podcast. Josh also shares his mindset and belief that every person needs to walk through their own personal fire in order to become a more effective person.


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